How To Inspect The Interior A Used Car

Now it’s time look inside the car. Look at the condition of the upholstery and carpet. Look for cigarette burns. You may not mind them but they will decrease the value of the car so you should be aware of them. Pull a piece of the carpet to check for moisture. This may be a sign that the car has been flooded. Look at the dashboard. Check all the details. Do all the windows open properly? Are there any cracked or missing parts? Do the seats move and adjust easily? Do all the knobs (A/C, vents) turn easily?

Look very closely at the odometer and speedometer. Check for fingerprints on the inside. Make sure all the numbers on the odometer are perfectly aligned and like new. Rolling back miles is very easy and very common. Many car users actually disconnect the odometer during long trips. Check for inconsistencies between the mileage and the condition of the interior. Is the steering wheel worn? Are the seats worn excessively? Are the brake and accelerator pedals exceptionally worn?